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Woman to Woman With Breanna Stewart

by Team USA

Breanna Stewart is a two-time Olympic champion and three-time world champion in women's basketball. In Team USA’s Woman to Woman series, Stewart sits down with women’s sports personality Ari Chambers to discuss motherhood, the future of women's basketball and more on the road to the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Ari: I just wanted to let you know, as we talk about your accolades, woman to woman, I'm so proud of you. It's been so dope witnessing you get better, which is kind of weird, because how do you keep getting better? So let's start off with how do you keep getting better?

Breanna: I think I keep getting better by understanding that no matter what, no matter how great the year before has been, or how great I have been, there's always another level. And understanding that being a versatile player, you have this limitless potential, in making sure that I do whatever I can throughout my career.

Breanna Stewart poses on set for Team USA in Los Angeles, California.
Team USA

Ari: As women, we go through iterations of life. And right now I think you're in your motherhood era. You've done the championship era, you're still pursuing these championships, and you're still getting your accolades. But we're entering this motherhood era. What's that been like? I see your kids, they're so perfect.

Breanna: Yeah. Motherhood has been wild. Like, wow. To anyone involved in it - I'm like all right. Toddlers, wow.

Ari: Ruby's growing up so fast. It's kind of insane.

Breanna: Yes. I know. But it just gives you a different perspective. All the experiences that you see with USA basketball, and everything else, to travel the world, now my kids are going to be able to be a part of that. And it's crazy to say kids, because it's plural.

Breanna Stewart poses on set for Team USA in Los Angeles, California.
Team USA

Ari: And you're continuing to be your best. And as you're doing this, whenever you're so great at something, there comes a weight and criticism. And I'm sure you see a lot of it. So how do you repel that, to stay focused? And does it ever affect you?

Breanna: I try not to let the criticism, usually among social media, and just haters, affect me because I don't play basketball for them. I think that especially in the world of women's basketball, in order for us to continue to get better, you have to be able to take both, the positive and the negative. That's the way that sports go. So I feel like if I have haters, that means I'm doing something right

Ari: And I love to lean in toward the positivity of it all. What are some of the best things that have come from basketball?

Breanna: Some of the best things that have come from basketball, my wife. That had to be the number one, one, because we met playing basketball overseas. I think, like I touched on a little bit, just the experiences, the places that I've been able to go. My grandparents, they've come to World Cups before, and hopefully they'll be able to come to Paris for the Olympics, and making sure that it's not just me, it's my entire circle, kind of feeling this journey.

Breanna Stewart poses on set for Team USA in Los Angeles, California.
Team USA

Ari: As you have both kids that you're raising now, and they're like, "Mommy, I want to play sports," what would you say to them?

Breanna: I would say yes. If they want to play sports, I want get behind them a hundred percent. Whatever they want to do, I want to help them be great at that. And it doesn't have to be basketball, even though Ruby is picking up the basketball all the time. I think sports is a great outlet for kids, even if they pursue it after high school or not.

Breanna Stewart poses on set for Team USA in Los Angeles, California.
Team USA

Ari: So let's pave the way to Paris 2024, the building blocks on the way to get you there, to hopefully another goal to the dynasty that is USA basketball. What are those building blocks consisting of? What are you placing your energy into? And how do you keep going forward with it?

Breanna: I think I'm placing my energy into the fact that this will be my third Olympics, hopefully. One when I was really young, one where I was kind of still shown the ropes from Sue and Dee. And now understanding that being one of those leaders in this group, and wanting to make sure that, hopefully my streak will be as long as theirs one day. And as you know, the goal is always gold.

"Be confident. Be unapologetic. Make sure that you live your life for you, and don't let anybody tear you down, because we're all great in our own way. And just continue to keep doing that."
Breanna Stewart poses on set for Team USA in Los Angeles, California.
Breanna Stewart
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