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Tyler Huanbutta

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San Francisco, CA

Started Taekwondo in 2010...Favorite Taekwondo Athlete: Servet Tazegül...Favorite Non-Taekwondo Athlete: Kobe Bryant...Who is your biggest inspiration?: Parents and Coach Curry...Favorite Foods & Drinks: Pho, sushi, ramen, steak, pasta, etc....Favorite Book(s): Thinking Body, Dancing Mind - Chungliang Al Huang...Favorite TV Show(s): The Flash, Green Arrow, The Office, and One Punch Man...Favorite Movie(s): Avengers, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, and The Matrix...Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s): Eminem, Linkin Park, Drake, and Travis Scott...Favorite/Inspirational Quotes: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi...What is your proudest moment in Taekwondo to date?: Proudest moment was winning the gold at the 2018 Presidents Cup...Other Fun or Interesting facts: I practiced karate before starting taekwondo
  • 2019 US Open G2 (Junior -59kg): Bronze
  • 2018-19 USA Taekwondo All-American
  • 2018 World Taekwondo President's Cup G2 (Junior -59kg): Gold
  • 2018 USA Taekwondo National Championships (Junior -59kg): Bronze
  • 2018 USA Taekwondo Team Trials - Junior World Championships (Junior -59kg): Semifinals
  • 2017 USA Taekwondo National Championships (Cadet -57kg): Quarterfinals
  • 2017 CA State Cadet Team member (Cadet -57kg)
  • 2017 USAT CA State Championships (Cadet -57kg): Gold
  • 2017 AAU Taekwondo CA State Championships (Cadet -57kg): Gold
  • 2017 US Open G2 (Cadet -57kg): Bronze
  • 2016 President's Cup (Cadet -61kg): Bronze
  • 2016 USAT CA State Championships (Cadet -53kg): Gold
  • 2016 AAU CA State Championships (Cadet -53kg): Gold
  • 2015 AAU CA State Championships (Cadet -45kg): Gold
  • 2013 USAT CA State Championships (Youth -40kg): Gold
  • 2012 AAU CA State Championships (30+kg): Gold
  • 2012 USA Taekwondo Nationals Championships (30+kg): Bronze
  • 2012 USAT Western Region Qualifier (30+kg): Gold
  • 2012 USAT CA State Championships (30+kg): Gold
  • 2011 USAT Junior Olympics - Blue Belt (-30kg): Silver
  • 2011 AAU CA State Championships - Green Belt (-30kg): Gold
  • 2011 USAT Western Region Qualifier - Green Belt (-30kg): Silver
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