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    Name: Olivia Stimpel

    Team: Redding Barbell Club

    Coach: Bryan Schenone

    Hometown: Redding, Calif.

    Current Residence: Redding, Calif.

    Year of birth: 1995

    Weight class: 69kg

    Height: 5-4

    What year did you being lifting? 2011

    How did you get involved? I joined a Crossfit gym called Crossfit Redding. At the time, they were trying to build a barbell/weightlifting club. My coach noticed that I had natural talent and asked me to join.

    Favorite Competition Lift? Whichever I'm most successful with at the time.

    Favorite Training Lift? Snatch

    Education: High school as well as some college courses.

    Personal Goals: To be in a state of constant improvement and set an example for others. I'm a teenage female weightlifter who has about seven different colors in her hair and wears ZERO makeup outside of meets or getting photos taken. I want to show that you can succeed just by being yourself and living outside the norms.

    Favorite Food: Hot Pockets, orange juice without pulp and chocolate milk

    Favorite Book: I don't read that often. But out of the books I have, probably the Olivia the Pig series; I collected them when I was younger.

    Favorite TV Show: Right now and Adventure Time

    Favorite Song: “Loca People.” We always play that song when we go for PRs

    Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: Teenage shenanigans

    Most people don’t know that…. I'm pretty open about everything

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