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Michael Asbate

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    Name: Michael Asbate

    Team: LSUS

    Coach: Kyle Pierce

    Hometown: Orlando, Fla.

    Current Residence: Shreveport, La.

    Year of birth: 1991

    Weight class: 77kg

    Height: 5-9

    What year did you begin lifting? 2010

    How did you get involved? Coach Camargo         

    Favorite Competition Lift? Snatch

    Favorite Training Lift? Dead Lift

    Education: Kinesiology Major

    Personal Goals: Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Gold medals.

    Favorite Food: Chicken, broccoli and rice

    Favorite Book: Bible

    Favorite TV Show: ESPN

    Favorite Song: “Respect” by Biggie Smalls

    Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting: Family, physical therapy, fishing, scuba diving, cooking and dance

    Most people don’t know that success is 1% creativity and 99% perspiration.

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