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Bryan Larsen

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Jan 8, 1990


Windsor, CA


Jesuit High School ('08) University of California, Irvine - BioMedical Engineering ('12)

classification: MC5

Bryan was born with a club foot and after exploring many other team and ball sports at a young age he found the bike at 12 years old......Cycling was perfect as it was an outlet that was both exhilarating and not taxing on his ankle......He was networked with a number of other young riders and racers who showed him the ropes to the sport......He raced around California during his junior years before moving off to college......While in college he helped run the UC-Irvine bike club while also racing in the elite p/12 ranks... ...After college, Bryan went to the Netherlands to race for a Dutch team for a season. This experience widened his horizons, his understanding for the sport, and his appreciation for how hard he could push himself......A few years after returning to the US, Bryan began to enjoy the sport from a different and more passive lens. While he still loved the competition and the sport, he simply didn't have the bandwidth to pursue it as he had done years before.....Then in July of 2019, while attending a local pro race for fun, he was involved in an accident that threw him to the ground face-first at roughly 40mph. Knocked out and transported to a local hospital, he found out that he couldn't move most of his right arm. He was diagnosed with a Brachial Plexus (nerve) injury originating at his c5 and c6 vertebrae...... After months of rehab, he began to explore the idea of riding again, and thanks to a few USA para-cycling athletes, he was encouraged to give para-cycling a try once he was ready... ...The excitement and opportunity to pursue international paracycling helped him focus on his recovery and train to the best of his ability. It kept him motivated to not give up......Unfortunately, most of this recovery happened in parallel with the Covid pandemic and put a hold on his opportunity to ride with learn more about the program. But in 2022, Bryan set his targets on Track World championships in France. Attending several camps and national championships earned him a spot on the team. He made his world championships debut in France, which inspired and motivated him to continue racing competitively in para-cycling
  • Most Recent: 2023 - Track - 7th (scratch), 14th (time trial); 2022 - Track - 5th (scratch); 11th (individual pursuit); 15th (time trial)
  • Years of Participation: Track - 2022, 2023
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