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Woman to Woman With A'ja Wilson

by Team USA

A'ja Wilson is an Olympic gold medalist and two-time, back-to-back WNBA champion (2022-23). In Team USA’s Woman to Woman series, Wilson sits down with women’s sports personality Ari Chambers to discuss her inspirations in basketball, how she balances her femininity and power, and more on the road to the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Ari: What's up, y'all? It's your girl, Ari Chambers here live with Team USA, and next to me is one of the most decorated people I know, A'ja Wilson. First of all, put off for the Carolina girls, because we are here. Just letting you know, just be out here. And you have won on literally every level. And with that you put in so much work. So do you think that basketball has given you all that you've put in back over?

A'ja: Yes. The basketball gods have definitely been blessing me a lot. And you put the work in and you're rewarded in that. But I mean, no trophy could compare to just the gift that sport has given me; basketball has given me. It has allowed me to open up so many doors to travel, to meet such great people. And I think I'm just truly grateful that the game repays me in a positive way. And I'm going to just keep giving to the game, because I love it. It's my passion. And I have fun with it.

A'ja Wilson poses for a photo shoot with Team USA.
Team USA

Ari: How do you keep having the energy to show up every day?

A'ja: The future generation, the future as a whole, it's so bright and I don't ever want to dim that light. And I just want to continue to push myself to the limits and never, ever back down from anyone. And it just brings a smile to my face every time I step foot on the court because it's another opportunity to be great. It's another opportunity for someone to see an elite product and to fall in love with it and to then come along my journey. And I think that's the beautiful thing. And that's my energy, that's where it flows. That next young girl that looks like me, wants to be me, is my why that I continue to push.

A'ja Wilson poses for a photo shoot with Team USA.
Team USA

Ari: Let's stay on the journey flow. I always like to say this is the Road to Paris. So there are building blocks, right? But let's look back for a second. What building block do you think is the most significant one that led you to right now where you are?

A'ja: Ooh. Building block. I guess just the biggest building block of them all is just being patient. Patience is something that I've starting to learn and to grow day by day. I'm not perfect at patience.

Ari: God's working on it.

A'ja: Working on it, but no patience is so key because it's gotten me to this point. Whether that's just being patient with my parents, being patient with my teammates or with myself. Just giving myself grace and being patient in the moment. And then being ready when my name is called. And I think that's just the biggest thing when we're talking about the Olympics, when we're talking about Road to Paris is just being ready when your name is called and living in that role and having fun with that.

A'ja Wilson poses for a photo shoot with Team USA.
Team USA

Ari: And USAB is such a dynasty. But you're one of the stars of USAB. But not everybody can be a star. So what is the thing that makes A'ja Wilson next level?

A'ja: I would just say my passion. I really pour a lot into this game of basketball, wherever I play it, especially when it's on the biggest stage with the brightest lights. I pour so much into the game because that's my passion. Not only if it's my livelihood, but I love basketball. I love the game. It brings me so much joy. And to see my teammates enjoy it, it's top tier. So I just think my passion is something that just flows within me. My will, my want to be the best is kind of what makes me that.

A'ja Wilson poses for a photo shoot with Team USA.
Team USA
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