Nia Abdallah

Nia Abdallah

Olympian 2004

Athlete Bio




Jan 24, 1984


Houston, TX


George Washington Carver High School for Applied Technology, Engineering and the Arts American Sports University

Height: 5-9
Weight: 125 pounds
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
College: American Sports University
Major: Sports Management
Coach: Chul Ho Kim 

WTF World Ranking on 9/1/12: 65th (-67kg)

Highlights: Nia Nicole Abdallah is the 2004 Olympics silver medalist in Athens, Greece.  She is also the 2003 Pan American Games bronze medalist. Abdallah's Olympic dream began at the age of five, watching the Olympic gymnastic competition on television. At the age of nine, she began taekwondo. She is a third degree black belt. She is a graduate of George Washington Carver High School for Applied Technology, Engineering and the Arts. Abdallah has won 14 Texas State Championships (forms and sparing), four Junior Olympic gold medals (forms and sparing) and numerous local and regional tournaments. She earned her first major international win in 1997 at the 11th Annual U.S. Cup Taekwondo Championships where she captured a gold medal in breaking. Abdallah has also won international events in Peru and Canada as well as winning two senior National Championship. Abdallah's ultimate goal is to be the first U.S. woman to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games. She was named USA Taekwondo's 2004 Female Athlete of the Year. Her future plans include opening up her own daycare center/Taekwondo school. 

Competition Record:

Olympic Trials - Phase 7 (-67kg): 1st

USAT National Championships (Welter): GOLD
2011  U.S. Open (Welter): BRONZE
U.S. National Team Trials (Welter): 2nd

U.S. Open (Welter): BRONZE

2009  World Taekwondo Championships (Welter): Round of 16
2009  U.S. National Team Member (Welter)
U.S. National Team Trials (Welter): 1st

2008  Olympic Trials (Feather): 2nd

2007  U.S. National Team Member (Light)
Olympic Trials Phase 1 (Feather): 2nd
2007  World Championships (Light): BRONZE
2007  National Collegiate Championships (Light): GOLD
2007  Sr. National Team Trials (Light): 1st
2007  U.S. Open (Light): BRONZE
2007  Pan Am Games Trials (Light/Welter): 1st

2006  U.S. National Team Member (Light)
Pan Am Championships (Light): SILVER
2006  Dutch Open (Light): SILVER
2006  National Collegiate Championships (Welter): GOLD
2006  U.S. Open (Forms): GOLD
2006  Sr. National Team Trials (Light): 1st

2005  U.S. National Team Member (Light)
U.S. Senior Nationals (Light): SILVER

2004  U.S. Olympic Team Member
Olympic Games: SILVER
2004  U.S. Olympic Team Trials: GOLD
2004  Olympic Fight-Off: GOLD
2004  Pan American Olympic Qualifier: GOLD

2003  Pan American Games: BRONZE
2003  U.S. Open (Forms/Sparring): GOLD
2003  Peru Open (Sparring): GOLD
2003  U.S. Senior Nationals (Forms): SILVER
2003  U.S. Senior Nationals (Sparring): SILVER
2003  Pan American Games Qualifier: GOLD

2002  Quebec Open (Sparring): GOLD
2002  U.S. Open (Forms): SILVER
2002  U.S. Open (Sparring): GOLD
2002  Team Trials: BRONZE

2001  U.S. Senior Nationals (Forms): GOLD
2001  U.S. Senior Nationals (Sparring): GOLD
2001  Junior Olympics (Forms): GOLD
2001  Junior Olympics (Sparring): SILVER
2001  Team Trials: SILVER

2000  Junior Olympics (Sparring): SILVER

1999  Junior Olympics (Sparring): SILVER

1997  Junior Olympics (Sparring): BRONZE
1997  U.S. Cup (Breaking): GOLD
1997  U.S. Cup (Forms): SILVER

1996  Junior Olympics (Forms): SILVER
1996  Junior Olympics (Sparring): GOLD

1995  Junior Olympics (Forms): SILVER
1995  Junior Olympics (Sparring): GOLD

1994  Junior Olympics (Forms): GOLD
1994  Junior Olympics (Sparring): GOLD

last updated 9/17/12

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