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Matt Griff

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    Salt Lake City

    Height:  5'10"    Weight: 173 lb.
    Matt Griff saw a news story after the 2006 Olympic Winter Games about the sport of skeleton and thought, "I can run like that."  After looking it up online, Griff thought he was a good fit for the sport.  Griff began his athletic career as a gymnast when he was only eight, and later competed in rugby.
    About me:
    Griff has a son, Tyler, and a daughter, Mya.  Other than sliding head first down icy chutes, Griff is a professional world-class acrobat, an established stuntman for film and television, a high school rugby coach and skeleton coach.  
    • 2010-2011 America's Cup
      -5th in Park City (11/10), 11th in Calgary (1/11), 12th in Calgary (1/11) 
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