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    East Lansing

    Name: Kelly Charniga

    Team: Dynamic Fitness

    Coach: Bud Charniga

    Home: Livonia, MI

    Weight class: 69 kg

    Height: 5’6

    What year did you begin lifting? 2008

    How did you get involved? I had ankle problems in gymnastics, and my dad suggested weightlifting to supplement my training. He has been involved in the sport for over four decades and has been my coach since I gave up gymnastics and started lifting full-time. 

    Favorite competition lift? Clean and jerk

    Favorite training lift? Snatch

    Education: Studying Pre-Med/Biology and Spanish at Madonna University

    Personal goals: To win a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics and become an epidemiologist (investigate the causes of disease).

    Favorite book: Love in the Times of Cholera (the Spanish version, naturally)

    Favorite TV shows: BBC’s Sherlock and Dr. Who

    Favorite movie: Anything with Cary Grant

    Favorite music: Marina and the Diamonds

    Hobbies/interests outside of lifting: What…? Other interests?

    Most people don’t know that... Bats are my favorite mammals because they are vital to many ecosystems, dispersing seeds, pollinating plants, and controlling insects. 

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