Team USA

Jill Lamberts

Athlete Bio






I’ve just always curled.  My family curled; I curled in public school, high school, and in university; in many different towns, with many different age groups, and with many different people.  It seems to be the thing that helps me to get comfortable in a new town; I’m always guaranteed to make some new friends and have a place to hang out.  Competitively speaking, it wasn’t a priority for me until recently.  I enjoyed playing in bonspiels and tournaments, but the fun and camaraderie that I found has always been more important.  Currently, I’m enjoying the challenge associated with playing at a more competitive level.  Being Canadian, I cannot compete in a Nationals event for the US, but having the opportunity to shine at Club Nationals events is good enough for me.  It gives me more chances to meet more like-minded people.