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Hayley Reichardt

    Athlete Bio


    5' to 5'1" (I'm fairly short for my age, and I have not grown in a while)


    Leesport, PA 19533

    When did you start weightlifting?


    How did you start weightlifting?

    I was weightlifting to gain muscle for running track, but I used to be a dancer, and I'm decently flexible, so Olympic weightlifting came pretty naturally. In February 2013, my family and I went to San Francisco to watch my brother compete at his first junior national event. We were watching the girls’ session when my parents and coach were repeatedly telling me that I could do that, too. After about two months of convincing, I finally decided to try it.

    What is your greatest accomplishment/ achievement of your athletic career?

    My greatest accomplishment so far in my weightlifting career has been becoming the first American female to earn a medal at the Youth World Championships where I placed 3rd overall. 

    Favorite competition lift?

    Clean and Jerk

    Who have been your biggest supporters in your athletic career?

    My biggest supporters are my family and friends, my boyfriend, my coach, and my teammates.

    What is the best part about competing?

    To me, the best part about competing is getting to show others the hard work I put into training everyday. I also love looking back on competitions from when I first started this sport and seeing all of the progress I have made.

    Personal goals:

     I'd like to place in the top three at a world or Pan Am competition.

    Favorite food:

    Chipotle (I could eat it every other day if I had money)

    Favorite book:

    If I Stay

    Favorite TV show:

    "Full House" (I've probably seen every episode five times)

    Favorite song:

    "No Evil" by Magic

    Interests/hobbies outside of weightlifting:

    When I'm not weightlifting, I love playing lacrosse. I don't play on a school team or club team because I would probably end up breaking every bone in my body, so I just play in my backyard with some friends.

    Most people don't know that...

     I share my birthday with my father. Not a lot of people like sharing a birthday with a family member, but I personally love sharing it with my dad because we have so much in common. 

    Any social media channels or anything else you want your fans to know about?

    My Instagram is @haylsbayls__


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