Team USA One For All
Graphic of Team USA athlete portraits. The text reads "Team USA. One for All."
Team USA

If you want to see what this team is made of just look at the people around you.

It’s in every Fred, every Adeline, and every Brittni. It’s in all of us. In the first timers and the greatest of all timers. The underdog lovers and the overachievers. The people like you, and people not like you. In this America and that America, and our America. The amazing thing is, no matter how many parts there are, just one of us can do it for all of us. TEAM USA. ONE FOR ALL.

ONE FOR ALL: Team USA Athletes


Team USA

Making Team USA, presented by Xfinity

Follow along the journey of how these athletes come together to arrive as one team through discipline, determination and talent.
Team USA One for All
Team USA