William E Simon
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William E. Simon

U.S. Olympic Committee President, 1981-84 U.S. Olympic Foundation Chairman

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    William E Simon


    Patterson, NJ


    Lafayette College

    Served in the U.S. Army following his graduation from high school in 1946...Graduated from Lafayette College...Began his professional career trading municipal bonds at Salomon Brothers...Became a senior partner at Salomon by the early 1970s...Worked in Richard Nixon’s administration as the Secretary of the Treasury...Served as treasurer and president of the United States Olympic Committee following his political career...His impassioned speech swung the USOC’s house of delegates in favor of boycotting the Olympic Games Moscow 1980...Was crucial in negotiating the USOC’s role in planning the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984...Father to two sons and five daughters, William, Jr., and J. Peter., and Mary, Carol, Aimee, Julie, and Johanna.

    William E. Simon was an immensely successful American businessman and philanthropist who served as treasurer and president of the United States Olympic Committee. Born in Paterson, New Jersey, Simon enlisted in the U.S. Army following high school and later attended Lafayette College, where he developed an interest in economics. Simon then moved to New York City, where he traded municipal bonds for Union Securities and joined the investment firm Salomon Brothers. He was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in 1973 and was later selected to be the 63rd Secretary of the Treasury by President Richard Nixon. After departing from government service, Simon launched several successful businesses and served on the boards of more than 30 companies. He was an active member of the USOC for more than three decades, and presided over the USOC as president during the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984. Simon was the first chairman of the U.S. Olympic Foundation, which was created from the profits of the 1984 Games. He was a prominent philanthropist as well, providing hundreds of scholarships for students in high school and college while serving on various college and university boards. He authored two best-selling books, “A Time for Truth” and “A Time for Action,” and served as a Eucharistic minister to terminally-ill patients near the end of his life. Simon passed away on June 3, 2000 in Santa Barbara, California.
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